lemur_openssl package

lemur_openssl Module

plugin Module

class lemur.plugins.lemur_openssl.plugin.OpenSSLExportPlugin

Bases: lemur.plugins.bases.export.ExportPlugin

author = 'Kevin Glisson'
author_url = 'https://github.com/netflix/lemur'
description = 'Is a loose interface to openssl and support various formats'
export(body, chain, key, options, **kwargs)

Generates a PKCS#12 archive.

  • key

  • chain

  • body

  • options

  • kwargs

options = [{'name': 'type', 'type': 'select', 'required': True, 'available': ['PKCS12 (.p12)'], 'helpMessage': 'Choose the format you wish to export'}, {'name': 'passphrase', 'type': 'str', 'required': False, 'helpMessage': 'If no passphrase is given one will be generated for you, we highly recommend this.', 'validation': ''}, {'name': 'alias', 'type': 'str', 'required': False, 'helpMessage': 'Enter the alias you wish to use for the keystore.'}]
slug = 'openssl-export'
title = 'OpenSSL'
version = 'unknown'
lemur.plugins.lemur_openssl.plugin.create_pkcs12(cert, chain, p12_tmp, key, alias, passphrase)

Creates a pkcs12 formated file. :param cert: :param chain: :param p12_tmp: :param key: :param alias: :param passphrase:


Runs a given command with pOpen and wraps some error handling around it. :param command: :return: